Fall Creek Bakery



German Chocolate Cake

A Classic!  German Chocolate cake and Coconut Pecan Frosting made from scratch - with no chocolate icing to get in the way of all that rich, buttery, nutty flavor!

9” - $40.00

6” - $15.00

Petit Fours

These “little bites” are a present unto themselves. Two layers of moist white cake with a filling, encased in glossy smooth icing, and individually decorated. They really dress up a party.

$1.50 ea

Minimum order 30.

Citrus Cake

White cake with a tangy lemon filling and iced with vanilla buttercream.

9” - $35.00

6” - $15.00

Chocolate Caramel Cake

A tasty combination of dark chocolate cake and rich soft caramel filling. Topped with chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache icing.

9” - $40.00

6” - $15.00

Streusel Pound Cake

A favorite for breakfast, afternoon snack, or dessert, there is just something about the combination of brown sugar, cinnamon, nuts, and butter with a flavorful vanilla cake that really satisfies.


Bars and Cookies

Bars - Peanut Butterscotch, Lemon, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal, and others

Cookies - Peanut Butter Kiss, Molasses, Chocolate Chip (with or without nuts), Sand Tarts, Mint Chocolate Chip Oatmeal, Swiss Leckerli, shortbread and others)

$16.00/half batch

Lemon Berry Tart

Tangy Lemon Curd (like a pudding) topped with seasonal fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries and held in a delicious light cookie-like crust. Approximately 13” x 4”


Nougat Montelimar

This fabulous candy is so flavorful and festive looking. Filled with pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, candied orange peel, and / or dried fruits, the mix-ins can be customized to your desire. The nougat is a chewy, satisfying explosion of flavor!

$50.00 for batch (~50 pieces)


Apple, peach, cherry, berry, or rhubarb.


Italian Cream Cake, Carrot Cake

Italian Cream is a flavorful cake filled with coconut and chopped pecans. Carrot cake has carrots and pecans. Both are finished with cream cheese icing.

9” - $40.00

6” - $15.00


Or Seafoam. These traditional Christmas candies are light, sweet pillows of deliciousness. They can be made with or without nuts (pecans or walnuts).

$25.00/batch (~50 pieces)

Salted Caramel Bark

Be careful - this candy is addicting! Sweet, salty, crunchy, caramel, and chocolate - what is there not to LOVE about it? Contains peanuts.

$25.00/batch (~50 pieces)